Intuitive Eating

I'm about 63% through my current read (Big Girl), and it's already prompted two blogs (this one included). You know that it's gotta be good. I've had disordered eating for years. Looking back over the years, I'd say about 16 years or so (yeah, a long time). I've always been bigger, but it wasn't something … Continue reading Intuitive Eating


Price Tag

I am a happy fat woman. Except when it comes to clothes. Today, I stopped and looked in the mirror. I'm wearing a simple shirt and shorts. And then it hit me (okay, and maybe the book I'm reading put this into my head, as well)- I am working on losing weight because I don't … Continue reading Price Tag

Sexuality is fluid

Talking to my best friend varies. Sometimes it's nothing but memes and sharing tweets. Sometimes it's chatting about whatever we're writing together at the moment. Sometimes it's me hitting on her like there's no tomorrow (okay, I drink, I hit on her. A lot, okay?! LOL). Then there are other times. Times where she doesn't … Continue reading Sexuality is fluid